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Cool Journey Studios is a New York based video production company that creates awesome content for film, tv and the web. With prodcution services in music videos, commercials, corporate videos, feature films, shorts and web series, Cool Journey Studios has grown to become a full fledged team of talented and dedicated individuals.


The genesis of our journey began when the Founder and Director of Cool Journey Studios, Milton Guity, Jr., came home one afternoon to find a VHS camcorder from Panasonic. It was a family gift from his father. The door to other worlds and impossible possibilites was now open. The world was now Milton’s stage. When other little boys where building forts and chasing summer dreams, Milton was behind the camera, creating. Established in 2008, Cool Journey Studios still embodies this excitement in every project. At our core we stand for creative integrity and love working with individuals and clients who challenge us. We are excited about every project we collaborate on and work hard to maintain professional, long-lasting relationships.This journey is just getting started.

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  • I get that same queasy, nervous, thrilling feeling every time I go to work. That’s never worn off since I was 12 years-old with my dad’s 8-millimeter movie camera.

    - Steven Spielberg -

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